About us

Anytime Fuel Pros offers a wide variety of fueling services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service:
  • Construction sites
  • Large fuel storage tanks
  • Hospital backup power generators
  • Clinic backup power generators
  • Retail centers
  • Hotel generators
  • Cell tower sites
  • Special events
  • Service/lube trucks
  • Refrigerated trailers


“One of the best calls I have ever received was when Les called me to introduce his new company, Anytime Fuel Pros. We have come to rely on the REAL Fuel Pros to take care of all our fuel needs on a variety of equipment at construction sites. Whether it is one smaller unit or several larger ones, AFP has always been there promptly for us to handle our needs. Prior to using AFP, we relied on our warehouse drivers to deliver fuel in 5 gallon containers – a dangerous undertaking by us, doing the best we were equipped for. Thankfully, with AFP that and the dangerous scenario that went along with it is over! Prompt, professional, and concerned about your needs is how I describe Anytime Fuel Pros and I am grateful for their service.”
Preston Barragan

Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.